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A question often asked by vacation rental managers who want to implement keyless entry is “how will this improve my business?”. More importantly, how will keyless entry improve customer satisfaction?

This is a great question, and I would love to take a few minutes and talk about how keyless entry can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also lead to better customer reviews.


Let’s start off with some very interesting facts and figures about the hospitality industry. In a recent paper published by the Cornell School of Hospitality & J.D. Power and Associates, studies have shown that check in time and convenience are critical factors when a traveler decides to book a vacation rental or hotel. In fact, 40% of guests in the United States cited convenience as the highest factor when deciding where to book a reservation.

Interestingly, the same paper researched hotel rebooking rates. When a customer decides whether to rebook at the same hotel, can you guess what played a crucial role? Surprisingly, the check-in process was cited as one of the most critical factors for driving guest satisfaction.

Just how important is the check-in process? For American travelers, A check in time of over 5 minutes led to a sharp decline in customer satisfaction (and a smaller chance that traveler will rebook with the same agency).


So how does Rently Keyless entry improve convenience and check in time for a vacation renter? Why should vacation rental managers (and home owners!) care about keyless entry?

Imagine if you will, a renter accessing a vacation rental using a traditional key checkout method. Now as a vacation rental manager, an important question you should ask yourself is, “How long are my guests driving between the vacation rental front desk and vacation rental property itself?”.

If it is longer than 5 minutes, prepare for a dissatisfied guest.

With Rently Keyless, a manager or home owner can instantly provide a durational access code for a vacation renter, improving access for the vacation rental and leading to higher guest satisfaction. Not only is this a way to improve renter check-in time, but is also a huge convenience for travel weary vacation renters as well.

Faster check-in times and better convenience means higher guest satisfaction. Higher guest satisfaction leads to better reviews, higher occupancy rates, and higher revenue for vacation rental managers and home owners alike.

With Rently Keyless, everyone wins. Vacation renters get easier 24/7 access, managers get rated higher for providing a convenient check-in process, and home owners can enhance property security.