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Smart home technology has been hailed as “The next big thing for consumers” and other industry sectors to help improve day to day operations and reduce utility costs.

One question we at Rently Keyless want to address is how smart home technology can benefit home builders, flippers, and construction companies. Specifically, How can smart home technology add value to a renovated or newly built home, while also reducing the time on market? In this article we will detail not only how Rently Keyless adds value to newly constructed homes, but also provides a robust solution for selling home inventory faster.

This article will discuss…

How does a smart home help with new home construction projects?
How does Rently Keyless work with self-showing to sell homes faster?


Rently Keyless allows home owners and builders to eliminate the need for keys on properties, and instead use unique durational codes to provide access. Durational codes not only allow home owners and construction companies to provide secure temporary access to a property, but they also allow the ability to track contractors in real time.

Access tracking is important as it is a key component of determining whether contractors are causing delays. In fact, according to the International Journal of Current Research, Contractor-related delays were ranked as the most significant cause of project delays! (Link). Wouldn’t it be nice if you, as the home builder or flipper, could see which contractors were on time? With Rently Keyless, now you can!

In addition, Rently Keyless utilizes a cellular hub and No Wi-Fi is needed! That means easy setup for new homes under construction and no need for a cable company to install anything! More importantly, because Rently Keyless utilizes a unique small footprint cellular hub, it can be easily moved from property to property.

Rently Keyless also offers an added value to the eventual buyer. Imagine building a home that already incorporates smart home technology. Not only will it allow a builder to differentiate inventory, but also allows home builders to charge a premium on the sale. This is a strategy that many home builders are beginning to explore, including Lennar homes, one of the largest home builders in America. (Link)

Overall, Rently Keyless provides convenient access to vendors during the construction/renovation phase and added value to the eventual home buyer.

Unlike a lot of technologies out there, Rently Keyless also incorporates unique self showing technology once a property is ready to sell.


Self-showing technology plays a crucial role in helping sell homes faster. The concept of self-showing allows qualified buyers or renters into a property without an agent present. Self-showing technology is utilized by some of the largest publicly traded companies in America to reduce the time that a vacancy stays on the market, expand territory, and keep commissions in house. To learn more about self-showing, you can visit our sister company, Rently.com. You can also read testimonials about how self-showing reduces the time on market.

When a buyer passes by a home for sale or sees it on a marketing site, Rently can instantly provide safe and secure access. Rently utilizes a unique tri-layer security system to ensure all prospective buyers are qualified. Once a buyer is qualified, Rently Keyless provides a durational code directly to the renter, buyer, agent or broker.

By providing instant access, more qualified buyers visit the property, and the property is sold faster. Additionally, the technology allows agents or managers to save time and money, since a manager, seller, or broker no longer has to drive to perform vacancy showings.

Rently Keyless also utilizes current marketing you already have in place. Properties listed with Zillow, Trulia, MLS or other marketing sites integrate with Rently Keyless self-showing.


Rently Keyless combines the ability to integrate smart home and self showing technology to add value to a newly constructed home while also reducing the time on market.

You can read more about Rently Keyless for new home construction by visiting RentlyKeyless.com/construction. If you have specific questions about how Rently Keyless adds value to new home construction or how our technology works, contact us today!