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Happy (almost) Halloween! With the fall season upon us, many vacation rental managers are beginning to either ramp up or slow down vacation rental operations for the long winter season.

In both scenarios it is advantageous for vacation rental managers to discuss implementing Rently Keyless, as our smart home technology can allow vacation rental managers to secure, access and manage properties.

How Rently Keyless helps with the start of your season.

For a lot of vacation rental managers, Halloween means the start of a lucrative fall and winter season. In particular, ski resorts and “snow-bird” destinations are facing a large boost in occupancy. A large influx in vacation rental occupancy means an increased need for vacation rental managers to improve operations and boost property security.
High occupancy rates means more traffic in and out of vacation rental properties, which also means the potential for a door to be left ajar or unlocked. Additionally, higher occupancy rates means more key checkouts, and the increased potential for a lost key or lockout.

Rently Keyless has several features which allow vacation rental managers to avoid issues tied to key checkouts. First and foremost, Rently Keyless allows vacation rental managers to remove the key checkout process entirely. Instead of performing a traditional key checkout, a vacation rental manager can instantly issue a renter a durational code upon booking. This code, which is totally unique for your renter, allows instant and secure access to the property. More importantly, the code automatically expires upon guest checkout!

No need for a renter to return a key, and no need to worry about extra key copies. Additionally, if a renter checks in after hours, you don’t need to make difficult key checkout arrangements to ensure the renter can have access to the property.

How Rently Keyless helps with the end of your season.
For a lot of vacation rental managers, the winter season also means a wind down in operations, and preparing properties for the next spring or summer. This is a great time for managers to not only boost property security for properties left vacant, but also perform any renovations that may need to be done. Additionally, the seasonal slowdown is a good opportunity for homeowners and property managers to discuss operational improvements that can be made. This is a great time for both parties to explore Rently Keyless smart home technology, and see the operational benefits that such a system can provide.

Rently Keyless is a great way for managers to see if a vacant property has had any security issues during a dormant season. With the ability to audit access and see if a door has been left ajar, Rently Keyless is a robust solution for property managers gearing up for next year. Additionally, managers can still issue durational codes to contractors, maintenance staff and housekeeping for any repairs that may need to be done.


Now is a great time for vacation rental managers and homeowners to start implementing and discussing smart home technology, and Rently Keyless offers a robust, cost effective, non-commitment based service for vacation rental managers across the United States. Want to learn more about how Rently Keyless can help improve operations?

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