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Rently Keyless App


Provide Renters smart-home technology easily and securely 

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Rently Keyless App


Rently Keyless not only provides a powerful enterprise SaaS portal, but allows managers to hand off access to renters, managers and home owners quickly and efficiently using the Rently Keyless App!

Send out invites to residents so that they can control locks, thermostats and lighting right from their phone!

Individual Login For Renters

Managers can easily provide smart home controls to renters, managers and guests. Users can quickly and easily register to access a property, and managers can instantly issue or revoke access.

Enhanced Security

Managers and renters can receive real time push notifications when properties are accessed after hours or during a vacancy. Rently Keyless alerts users when windows are opened, locks are tampered with or even if motion is detected.

Utility Management

Remotely control heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems right from your phone! Renters and managers can heat, cool or set thermostat schedules right from a mobile device!