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Rently Keyless Management Portal

Rently Keyless Enterprise software allows managers to take complete control of an entire property portfolio through one easy-to-use online portal. Rently Keyless enterprise is a powerful cloud-based SaaS platform that can be accessed from any web-browser or mobile device.

Property Overview

  • Instantly view status of entire property portfolio.
  • Remotely monitor status of all locks, thermostats and sensors.
  • Tri-Band technology ensures property stays online even when no wi-fi or ethernet is detected.

Individual Property Smart Home Controls

  • Remotely lock, unlock or audit access to individual properties.
  • Instantly generate reservations with built-in reservation software (or integrate with existing software).
  • Real-time battery status alerts 
  • Control and set thermostat schedules to reduce utilities by up to 20% annually.
  • Set security schedules to generate real-time alerts

…And MUCH More

Set up custom API integration with your management software.
Issue portfolio-wide master codes.
Utilize Rently.com self-showing tools.
Invite renters to use the Rently Keyless App.